Welcome to my site! :D I'm Corey Evan, The Game Show Guy - a party host who's got game ... game show games, to be exact. I host party games based on your favorite TV game shows; You tell me what games you want to play, and I bring the game to life. I'm a news writer by day, so you can expect my question writing to be fantastic. Besides, I have a lot of useless knowledge in my head and I would like to put it to use, for your party guests.

You pick the game, I create the experience just for you. If you have prizes you want to give away, I can help you with that. Ask for details.

Here's a sample of me in action at the Langhaims' home in Boise in June! 

I'm new to town, but not to what makes parties fun! While my website is under construction, please shoot me a text to get in the game: 760-270-5625

You can also email me for details at thegameshowguy1988@gmail.com.

See you at the game!

"So, what do you actually do?"